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Device For External Magnetic Neurostimulation (PFMT-Pelvic floor muscle training)

  • Completely Non-Invasive
  • Painless Therapy
  • Fully-clothed treatments
  • No probes or electrodes

For patients with:
– urinary incontinence
– bowel incontinence
– weakening Kegel muscles
– prostate problems
– post-operative and post-natal problems
– pelvic oor muscles problems
– sexual dysfunction in women
– with problems with stress incontinence
– erection disorders (men)
– urogenital system disorders
– problems with vaginal muscle tone

Special 23 Hz mode option!

Patient Protocol Card „PPC”
– We can provide PPC with specic number
(20-250) of session and without expiring of date.

Reasearcher Card „RC”
The Researcher option allows you to set any
parameters for each treatment

Pelvic Control Training
Pelvic Control is based on a revolutionary technology called Extracorporeal Magnetic
nnervations. This technology produces highly focused pulsing magnetic field. You
sit fully clothed in a comfortable chair, allowing the therapeutic fields to be easily
aimed at the muscle of the pelvic floor. These muscles contract and relax each
magnetic pulse from 1 to 50 times a second. In this way the muscle can be
professionally trained and developed. You simply sit and relax.
Pelvic Floor Therapy compared to other therapies
Kegel exercises and Kegels in combination with biofeedback and the electrotherapy
require you to actively work at isolating you pelvic floor muscle and master
contracting them. All these require that wires or probes be inserted vaginal or anal
and can be painful and ncomfortable. Normally you should train 2 times a day, 20
minutes, for at least 6 months. Pelvic Floor Therapy on the other hand, doesn’t
require your participation. Exercises the muscle more completely than you could
ever do on your own. A therapeutic magnetic field alone initiates muscle
The majority of patients can be significantly helped by a conservative therapy such
as Pelvic Floor Therapy. And it can offer an option for patients who are at increased
surgical risk due to a particular medical condition.
What are the success rates of patients treated with Pelvic Floor Therapy?
How RecoPelvic works
Data from clinical studies at the Cleveland Clinic and sites in Chicago, Philadelphia
and Orlando indicate that 50 percent of women who completed six weeks of Pelvic
Floor Therapy (conducted with this same method on NeoControl device) reported
being „completely dry” and an additional 30 percent reported „significant
improvement” in their conditions.
The therapy is completely painless. Nothing other than the chair ever touches you.
You’ll feel a small vibration or tapping while sitting in the chair. You’ll even be able to
feel your pelvic floor muscles contracting. See your urologist or gynecologist to find
out about RecoPelvic benefits. A treatment session takes around 20 minutes and is
typically done every second day in the doctor’s office. Usually there could be an
improvement already after 6-8 sessions. The maximal outcome will be achieved after
20 sessions.
For some patients, this will cure incontinence completely. Others may need to repeat
the treatment periodically to maintain muscle control.